Will America Be Voting Digitally For President This November Due To Coronavirus?

It’s a long time until November in political terms, and a lot can happen between now and then. However, if Joe Biden is correct, we could have a 2000 presidential election 2.0 disaster.

In 2000 America had to wait weeks to find out George W. Bush defeated Al Gore due to the Florida recount and hanging Chads fiasco.

In 2020 we could be facing a similar election night disaster due to the coronavirus.

First of all, I’m going to think positive and assume the national nightmare that is this disease is over and behind us because it’s better than the alternative Biden is offering.

On MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” with Brian Williams, the assumed Democrat nominee (unless Andrew Cuomo can steal it away) said secretaries of state should plan for the possibility of remote voting or drive-in voting if the country is still battling COVID-19.

This sounds like lawsuits waiting to happen.

Could you imagine if on Election Night 2020 we don’t know if Trump was reelected due to faulty technology? We’ve already witnessed digital voting machines not working in the Iowa caucus this year. Imagine that same technology implemented for all 50 states.

What a “yuge” disaster that would be!

Voters would have major concerns their vote was actually counted correctly in a remote or drive-in voting situation.

Regardless of which side won, Trump or Biden, the accusations of cheating and “rigging the system” as Trump would say, would no doubt create another scenario where the other side would clam the winner was illegitimate like the left did with Trump in 2016.

The security of voting machines at the local and state level would have to be of the highest priority.

Regardless of how secure they think the machines are, the final decision would rest on the shoulders of the Supreme Court in this political horror show scenario.

This year has already been challenging. An election night digital tech disaster is the last thing we need.

No one wants the digital version of a hanging Chads situation in 2020 and that includes me!

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