WGN America TV Plans to Try Something New on Cable News: Actual Journalism

WGN America’s new news show “NewsNation” plans to try to do something that really doesn’t exist much anymore on cable news and that is they’re gonna try to do journalism. 

Regardless of your political opinion, liberal or conservative, it’s hard to find fact based opinion free news today in our hyper political and partisan culture.

But NewsNation plans to offer a three-hour block nightly broadcast that according to the LA Times promises to be a neutral, opinion-free presentation of the day’s events.

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With cable news full of opinion based news programming, WGN’s owner, Nexstar sees an opening for opinion free news. The company could turn the program into a 24/7 format if it is successful.

With CNN and MSNBC on the left and Fox on the right presenting a large majority of their programming day from a political point of view, there is an opportunity for fact based, straight news.

However, with our society so politically divided, I’m not sure there is gonna be an audience for it because America has become so conditioned to be either Team Democrat or Team Republican, I don’t see people watching it. People want to hear what they agree with.

But what WGN is trying to do is what all journalists should do: report just the news! Even if it means your political team is in the wrong.

Journalists should hold the powerful accountable, but appealing to a certain demographic is more profitable for the news business.

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