Tyler Perry Reminds Us That It's Better To Give Than Receive

There have been many times I have criticized Hollywood and rightly so for the movies they make and the morality they depict in their productions. However, when someone within the movie industry does something good, they deserve to be praised for their actions.

I don’t know much about Tyler Perry. I have never watched one of his movies, but I do know he opened a $1 billion production studio in Atlanta, and what I do know about him, he seems like a pretty good guy.

This week, he purchased all of the groceries for senior citizens during Senior Hour at 44 Kroger locations in metro Atlanta and New Orleans. This was an amazing gesture of kindness.

Senior citizens have limited funds during good times, and I’m sure they are struggling during the current crisis we are all living through.

Kroger’s official Twitter account Tweeted he paid for almost 3,000 shoppers grocery bills.

I want to praise Mr. Perry for using his finances he has earned from many years of hard work in the movie industry to provide such a blessing to so many in need.

During this Holy Week, Perry’s act of generosity is an example for all of us of Christ’s love and that it truly is better to give than receive.

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