Twitter Is Considering A Paid Subscription Option As Revenue Declines And The Offensive Content On The Social Site Increases

How about an edit button instead?

Twitter is considering offering users a paid option to help increase its revenue as the site has seen its ad sales decline in the recent quarter.

Company officials say the lost revenue they’re trying to make up is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an ongoing advertiser boycott against social media networks.

While I agree the pandemic has no doubt caused significant damage to the entertainment and media business, including social media, Twitter cannot blame all the lost revenue on COVID or even the advertiser boycott. I believe much of their ad woes are because of the content that is allowed on the platform.

If you’re a brand, I don’t care what you’re trying to sale, do you really want to potentially harm your good brand name by having your logo next to some terrible Tweet on someone’s timeline?

It’s probably not good for business to have your logo next to a politically charged Tweet as users scroll their timelines.

Now, of course, there is a lot of offensive content on YouTube and Facebook as well, but Twitter is becoming almost known for hateful and offensive content. Some say Twitter is a cesspool, and if you read it for more than thirty seconds, you might agree.

I’m not willing to pay for a subscription to Twitter unless they offer an option that allows all political posts erased from my account, including on trending topics. Or, unless they offer a Tweet edit button because that would almost be worth whatever price the site plans to charge.

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