Trump Planning to Make Social Media Great Again with New Social Media App

Trump is Coming Back to Social Media

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In my last commentary I said if Trump runs in 2024 it would be more difficult for him than in 2016 because he doesn’t have social media like Twitter to use to spread his message because Jack Dorsey and Zuckerberg at Facebook banned him for life and maybe even the afterlife off their platforms.

Well, Trump must’ve been listening to my commentary,  because Fox News reports the 45th president is planning to launch his own social media platform in two to three months.

Now, in typical Trump style, a longtime advisor says the new platform will attract tens of millions of new users, and I’m sure many Trump supporters will use it.

But if Trump and his investors really want the app to work and not be just another Twitter ripoff, they need to really take their time and put some design into it.

Simply giving Trump and his supporters a place to speak freely will work in the short term, but if Trump really wants to compete with big tech, the social app needs to be good.

They need to put some thought in creating some features that will appeal to users and they need to make sure they have enough server space that can handle the user load.

I believe a MAGA social app can work, there are enough conservatives and Trump supporters to make it work, but if it’s not well designed, it’s not gonna last long term.

America is tired of big tech controlling the conversation online.  Hopefully, this app is the beginning of social media users gaining some of the control back from them.

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