Tom Brady Saved American Sports Fans From “Sports Separation Anxiety” This Week As America Waits For A Return To Normalcy

As a Falcons fan, I never thought I’d be saying this, but here it goes: Thank God for Tom Brady. Weird to say I know, but hey, we’re living in strange times.

In an unprecedented move, almost the entire sports world has shut down like many other areas of society due to the coronavirus except for NFL free agency.

Thanks to Tom Brady announcing he’s switching teams from the Patriots to the pirates, he saved many American men across the country from what I call “sports separation anxiety” because there has been zero sports events or sports news occurring in the past week.

He gave us all something to cheer for: sports news! I’m not even a fan, and I was excited to have something to discuss with friends about sports.

Yes, stopping the coronavirus is more important than sports and leagues made the right move in canceling events, but sports are a fun past time and are a part of the fabric of America.

Football is as Americana as apple pie and is one of the few events left in society that can bring the diverse American culture together as our culture becomes more fragmented thanks to thousands of media choices now online and on air.

Getting to read articles about Brady’s and now Todd Gurley’s trade to the Atlanta Falcons (Rise Up!) and listening to sports talk radio discuss the trades gave millions of Americans, including myself, a small resemblance of normal life in America this week.

America will get through the coronavirus outbreak soon, and life will get back to normal. Until then, let’s all get through this healthy as we await the return of normalcy and getting to cheer on our favorite teams.

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