The Return Of Baseball Would Give Americans Something To Cheer About

When America has faced tough and uncertain times in the past, baseball has united and encouraged a nation.

Cheers of “USA, USA, USA” filled Yankee Stadium after the September 11th attacks as President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch.

In 2020, we’re facing a similar situation as America is a nation in crisis as the coronavirus continues to take American lives with no quick end in sight.

Once again, baseball could be the thing that could bring us all together and give us something to cheer about right now.

ESPN is reporting Major League Baseball, and its players union are working on a plan that could allow the 2020 season to start in May with all games to be played at stadiums in the Phoenix area with no fans present.

Even though no fans would be at the games, having players take the field and giving Americans something to cheer for at home and on Twitter would help unite us as a nation during this difficult time. It would also help make life feel as though it’s returning to normal in a small way, as sports are such an influential part of our culture. Nothing says Americana like baseball.

The bright lights of the big show could be just the thing to cheer Americans up during these dark days.

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