The "Fake News" Is Only The Beginning Of What's Fake Online As Social Media Users Pay For Fake Followers

Why work hard when you can just buy your way to a larger following?

One of President Trump’s favorite insults to use is to accuse the media of reporting “fake news.” While there is plenty of terrible journalism occurring, there is a lot more fakery occurring online than just the news.

“Twitter is not real life” is what I read on someone’s Twitter bio recently, and there really isn’t a better way to describe the social network. Twitter isn’t real life, and the more people understand that, the better we will be as a culture.

However, it’s not just Twitter. There are plenty of other social media networks where internet life doesn’t match real life and even services to help you create a false reality.

You can grow your Instagram follower count quickly and for cheap thanks to companies like Buzziod. For $39.99, you can buy 5,000 followers.

Wanna grow your YouTube video views? Well, it’s simple. Work hard and create great content or go the unethical route and just buy 25,000 views for $219.99.

Are you an aspiring Soundcloud rapper? Why waste time doing the hard work for years like rappers before you? Just buy a million plays for a cool $60, and in no time, you’ll be the next Chance the Rapper!

There are even people selling “professional” podcast promotion services that can help manipulate your podcast to the top of the Apple Podcasts charts.

None of these services are ethical, nor are they a great use of money to gain a large following of real people.

What? You thought all those Twitter accounts with the Twitter egg profile pictures you paid for were real people? Well, if you do, then I know a supermodel that is dying to date you on, Spoiler alert: she’s a 50-year-old man in Zimbabwe wanting to steal your money.

Now, we all know that a lot on social media is fake, so why do people, including public figures, pay to buy followers and likes online?

It’s all in an effort to scam the system and to avoid hard work. Growing a following for your Instagram or podcast is hard work that could take years to see any real payoff. Entering your credit card on a shady website to buy Instagram followers is easy (and stupid because who knows who is actually behind the website and where it is located).

It is also a great way to ruin your credibility with your audience if they find out you paid for your large following instead of working hard to grow your fan base.

While some social media “influencers” get away with it depending on the service they use, some get busted as the methods used by these sites violate the terms of service for the social media network they’re trying to use to grow their audience.

If the social media network you’ve purchased followers for discovers you’ve bought followers and shut your page down, were those thousands of purchased followers really worth it?

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