The Coronavirus Epidemic Offers Churches A Chance To Reach The Lost

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We are living in unprecedented times.

The Coronavirus is shutting down countries across the globe. We’ve had viruses before spread across the world in recent years, but none of us have ever seen a governmental response like we’ve seen both home and abroad.

The times are so unusual that even churches here in Georgia and around the country canceled services Sunday with more cancellations planned for the coming weeks.

Thanks to modern technology, houses of worship can now live stream services online on Sunday mornings so the worship service can continue.

Even the President watched a worship service from Gainesville, Georgia, online this weekend.

Each year polls are released that report a decline in interest in religion among Americans of all ages but especially among millennials and Generation Z.

One cannot pinpoint to one specific cause for society’s declining interest in keeping the faith, but one reason among the many Americans have lost interest in religion is because of modern technology.

There are so many devices and entertainment options that can be used to occupy one’s time from smartphones to social media to Netflix, and the list of distractions could go on and on.

For too many Americans now, social media and YouTube philosophers offering all kinds of viewpoints have taken the place of the local church because it’s easier to watch a video in your pajamas than get out of bed and attend Sunday service.

While we all agree the Coronavirus epidemic is concerning, this bad situation may offer the local church an opportunity to create innovative new ways in which to reach the lost online.

People are sitting at home online that would never enter the doors of a church, but with the increased media attention on churches live streaming services, some of these digital natives may be curious and tune in.

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