Social Media Has Created an Outlet for People to be Their Worse Selves

When you read the Bible it says in the end times people will be lovers of themselves, hateful, disrespecting, just flat out awful.

Well, I’m starting to believe the prophets of old must’ve been talking about social media.

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Recently, I came across a YouTube channel where a guy reviews food at fast food restaurants. The videos are nothing special but the couple I’ve watched helped to pass some time when I’ve been bored.

I got interested in learning about who this guy is and why he spends time weekly eating at a fast food place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, on another note, I’m worried about his health because he eats three, sometimes four, five meals a day in these videos.

While Googling about this YouTuber, I came across an anti-video channel that someone has made about him. They are not big fans and on this channel they post videos mocking his videos and the guy in general. They also have a Patroen you can donate to on the channel.

What kind of society is this?

We are living in such a dark world. You have people spending hours a week making videos about a YouTuber they don’t like. This is hateful and not normal. They probably don’t even know the guy personally.

Social media has created on outlet for people to be their worst selves. I  t really is sad but it is also a testament to where our society is.

If you don’t like a YouTuber, don’t watch, but spending time creating an entire channel dedicated to your disdain of someone really says more about you than the person you’re criticizing.

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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