Podcast: Seth Emerson, Staff Writer for The Athletic

New episode of "The Chad Whittle Podcast" is now available!

Today, I wanted to share with you a new episode of "The Chad Whittle Podcast." On the show, I am joined by professionals from the media industry to discuss the latest tech developments, their careers, the state of their industry, how technology has influenced their field, and more.

As a mass communication college lecturer, I try to keep my students updated with what is happening in the media industry, and this podcast is one of those attempts. However, the show can be enjoyed by everyone, including you!

On this edition of the show, Seth Emerson, a staff writer for The Athletic, is my guest. The Athletic is changing how sports journalism is done with subscription-based long-form journalism. If you enjoy sports, you should consider subscribing.

Seth joined The Athletic from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and has covered the Georgia Bulldogs since 2020. He also covered the Bulldogs for The Albany Herald from 2002-05. 

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Read Seth's articles on The Athletic here.

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