Obama Tweets His Obligatory Endorsement of Joe Biden

Former President Barack Obama Tweeted his obligatory endorsement today of Joe Biden now that he is the only person left in the race, and there apparently is no one else or any way possible for someone else to win the Democrat nomination.

Why wait so long? Why didn't he endorse him in the primaries? An endorsement then would've meant more.

It's easy to endorse him now that he's got the nomination.

If they haven’t already, former Democrat rivals that just months ago criticized Biden as basically the worst nominee possible will all come out and Tweet their endorsements.

Of course, that's politics, and that's how politicians roll. They want a job if somehow Biden can defeat Trump in November.

It's unlikely to happen, but we do live in strange times. You need to look no further than Netflix for proof. Tiger King is the number one show in the world, and no one could've predicted that so anything is possible.

The truth is, Obama's Twitter endorsement will not make that much of a difference.

The Bernie Bros don't like Biden, and they're not going to vote for him just because of this endorsement. In fact, if you scroll through the comments under the video, you'll see posts of people criticizing Obama for giving $400,000 speeches to Wall Street. A Bernie Bro definitely isn't cool with that bro.

The rest of the Democrats that do vote Biden will do so because they don't like Trump or are lifelong Democrats.

While the endorsement won't make a difference in November, what will be interesting and entertaining to watch is Trump's Twitter timeline if the former President hits the campaign trail for Biden. That actually may be more interesting than Trump vs. Biden because you know Trump has an opinion or seven to share on Twitter.

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