Not Even Cornavirus Can Stop The Gospel As Easter Service Moves Online Sunday

God will always make a way for His truth to be shared with the lost.

We are living in unusual times as COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives, including religion.

This Sunday, for the first time in history, Easter service will be live-streamed exclusively across the nation on Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, and other streaming platforms as churches are closed to stop the potential spread of the virus.

With physical worship services canceled, some churches are seeing significant increases in their online audience.

First Baptist Church Dallas has seen its video views surge from 40,000 to 200,000 with other megachurches reporting similar increases.

While multiple lessons can be learned from the coronavirus pandemic, I believe one important thing that many may overlook is that regardless of what may happen in society, the preaching and spreading of the gospel cannot be stopped.

It’s Holy Week, and churches all across the nation and world are entirely shut down. Yet, the gospel continues to be preached live from the makeshift living room pulpits of pastors each Sunday.

Thanks to modern technology, Easter service is still on, and Christians across the world will gather around their laptops with their families Sunday and celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death.

The current crisis again proves that no matter what may happen, the word of God will always be preached. The message of the Bible is more powerful than coronavirus.

God will always make a way for His truth to be shared with the lost.

Sunday morning millions will log on and celebrate Easter. With all the unknowns that currently exist, it’s comforting to know the Lord has risen and still has the victory.

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