No American Should Say They're Bored During The Shutdown With Countless Media Options For Entertainment

Americans are streaming eight hours per day of content!

Americans are so board at home they’re doing something they haven’t done in years: watch the 6:30 Eastern TV network news broadcasts.

In a cable news world of FOX News and MSNBC, the nightly newscasts haven’t been relevant in years.

The New York Times reported ABC’s “World News Tonight” and “NBC Nightly News” are seeing some of their largest audiences since the early 2000s as the COVID-19 pandemic is front and center on everyone’s minds.

Even younger audiences are tuning in.

Nielsen reported a 67 percent viewer increase among the 25-64 demographic.

With all the free time Americans have now, it’s not just nightly news broadcasts that are seeing an increase in viewership.

A new study of 2,000 Americans found the average person is streaming eight hours per day of content!

How do you have eight hours per day of free time?

I thought everyone was working from home all day?

Peak streaming time is between 12-2 pm, which means that folks are apparently taking an extended two-hour lunch break!

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus are the most-watched streaming services.

In addition to network news seeing a boost as mentioned earlier, network TV is also seeing higher ratings because I guess you can only stream “Tiger King” so many times.

CBS’ “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” are some of the many shows seeing viewer increases.

So much for Americans finding new hobbies, exercising, or reading a book while sheltering in place! Everyone is sitting on the couch eating Doritos!

If the lockdown continues for another month or two, gyms are going to be packed with Americans when Trump reopens the economy as they try to get rid of their shelter in place weight.

With hundreds of cable TV channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime, plus thousands of podcasts to download, no American should be able to say they’re bored during the shutdown.

If you do get bored, you can always do some actual work for your real job, all you cool cats and kittens.

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