Joe Biden Held a Party and No One Showed Up

Poor Joe.

I actually feel sorry for Joe Biden because he is trying to run a campaign in a world that no longer exists. The world is now dominated by technology and he just doesn’t understand the new world.

It’s understandable considering his age.

In an effort to somehow insert his name back into the news cycle that is currently dominated by coronavirus, Biden held a “virtual happy hour” livestream that only attracted 2,800 viewers.


That is not a large audience for someone hosting a livestream that is the potential nominee for a major U.S. political party.

Trump could Tweet, and it would receive more retweets than 2,800 in a matter of minutes.

According to reports, the viewers that did tune in were not even Biden supporters but mostly Bernie Bros watching to troll. Team Biden would eventually turn off comments on the livestream because well, let’s just say the comments were less than positive. 

Sanders held an impromptu livestream earlier in the day, and he was able to peak at 7,000 viewers.

With public events shutdown due to COVID-19, Biden needs to figure out a way to keep his name in the news cycle, and using a livestream is apparently not the way to do it.

Biden should use traditional media like broadcast TV and cable news to connect because that’s where his voters are consuming media. Baby Boomers are not watching livestreams on the internet, and if they are, there are a lot more interesting videos to watch than Joe Biden.

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