Can Parler and MeWe Really Become Facebook and Twitter Alternatives?

Their User Bases Continue to Grow.

After Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden, Trump fans went to Twitter to announce they were leaving Twitter.

Conservatives are upset at the network for calling Arizona too early for Biden and for their overall election night coverage they felt was skewed against Trump.

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What happened next is an example of being at the right place at the right time as upstart Twitter-like social app Parler was there to give Trump fans a place to share their opinions.

Parler launched in 2018 and saw its app downloaded one million times after election night. At one point, the social site was the number one most downloaded app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Another app, MeWe, has seen its user base increase as well post-election as MAGA supporters were looking for an alternative to Facebook. Others have joined the app because they want more privacy. The app offers more privacy features than Facebook.

Conservatives are signing up for these new social networks because they are tired of what is perceived as censorship on big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are legitimate concerns.

Parler and MeWe have their work cut out for them if they want to grow to become mainstream social media networks. Currently, Facebook has over 2 billion users. The Jack Dorsey led Twitter has over 180 million daily users.

It is possible that Parler and MeWe could grow into large social networks and put a dent into other platforms. If you recall, there was a time people laughed at Facebook because MySpace was so popular.

The two social networks need to not only have a continually growing user base, but millions of dollars from investors to really grow and take on Zuckerberg and Dorsey.

Also, it’s really hard to break people’s habits. For years Facebook has been considered the default option when people think social media. It’s to social media what Kleenex is to tissue paper. Parler and MeWe will need to create a great user experience to make people want to delete their accounts and use them exclusively, even if they are an upset Trump supporter.

A realistic goal for Parler and MeWe is to attain a few million signups. However, it’ll take years of growth to climb to the top of the social media mountain, and if they get too big and popular, Mark Zuckerberg will just buy them.

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