Berned Out: Sanders Ends Campaign And Our Fall TV Debates Fun

Sanders vs. Trump in debates would've been so entertaining!

We all knew that Bernie Sanders had zero chance of becoming the next President of the United States, but oh how entertaining it would’ve been to watch Trump and Sanders debate on TV!

With Hollywood and sports shutdown because of coronavirus, Bernie-Trump debates would’ve been must-see TV.

The theatrics of Sanders and Trump on a debate stage would have been unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed in politics.

Angry Bernie.

Sarcastic Trump.

There would’ve been viral video moments every few minutes with their back-and-forth and name-calling.

Of course, Bernie wasn’t even going to get the nomination. The Democrats would’ve called Hillary back in from the bench before they gave it to him, but it’s fun to dream about all the entertainment we could’ve had.

Now, it’s Biden and Trump.

There is no way a Biden and Trump debate could bring the entertainment like a Bernie and Trump debate would. With all joking aside, I’m not sure Biden is healthy enough to debate this fall.

Unless Andrew Cuomo sneaks in and steals the nominee from Biden, Trump won reelection today, and the TV networks lost out on really great fall debate ratings.

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