Americans Want to Hear Accurate Analysis of the Coronavirus Situation From the Media and Not Petty Partisan Politics

Without any live sports to watch and with Hollywood basically shut down, the coronavirus has made the news business the center of America’s media attention. Across all mediums, news consumption is increasing.

According to Axios, 51% of Americans have increased their consumption of news, with 49% checking the news multiple times a day.

News apps, including apps from cable news channels and national newspapers, have seen an increase in downloads. Cable news networks have seen a 50% boost in viewership since the start of the year. Even broadcast TV nightly newscasts are seeing rating increases.

It’s great that more Americans are wanting to stay informed and follow the important developments surrounding the coronavirus. However, how informed are they exactly becoming when consuming the news?

Depending on which media outlet you watch, you may be less informed about what is occurring than when you started watching. The cable news channels seem to want to play partisan politics as much as possible and discuss if this is good or bad for Trump, all depending on their position of him.

Right now, 2020 election politics should not matter, but of course, we all know everything in our society is now political, even a virus.

If you open a web browser and search for accurate information about the virus online, good luck, there is so much disinformation on social media that it’s hard to know what to believe.

None of the partisan party politics matters to the American people. They really don’t care about Trump’s poll numbers concerning his reelection, or if the Democrats can score some political points and maybe pick up a Senate seat from this unusual and dangerous situation.

All they care about is how they can protect their children’s health and how to put food on the table tonight as they lose their jobs. They want the government to offer some solutions and not create new problems by practicing petty partisan politics.

When they tune into the local or national media, they want to hear solutions, honest reporting, and accurate analysis of the situation. They do not want politics.

With more Americans than ever consuming their product, hopefully, the American media will take this opportunity to create trust and credibility with their audiences that could serve them well after this crisis is over. However, will they do that is another question.

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