America Needs Pastors in the Pulpit Proclaiming the Gospel, and Not In Front of a Selfie Stick Trying to Become an Instagram Influencer

Media has been a great tool that has been used to share the gospel with generations of people. In the past, preachers have purchased airtime on radio and later television to share the gospel.

The internet and social media have also been useful tools that have allowed the good news to be shared with millions of people.

It's also led to the rise of celebrity pastors wanting to be Instagram influencers.

I bet right now, in your mind, you have a mental image of the type of pastor I am discussing.

He's probably middle-aged, preaches at a contemporary church, wears jeans and sneakers Sunday mornings, likes to post pictures of himself looking "cool," and maybe even includes a photo with a popular athlete or pop star on his Instagram.

Do these pastors look and act ridiculous?

Absolutely and a guy in Dallas agrees.

Ben Kirby started to question the rich and famous Instagram pastors' lifestyles after noticing some singers in Elevation Worship were wearing $800 shoes.

This led him to start the Instagram page PreachersNSneakers to call out the pastors and their rich tastes.

The account now has over 250,000 followers.

Some of the pastors highlighted on the page have clothing that costs thousands of dollars apiece. Judah Smith, a Seattle pastor, has a $3,600 Gucci jacket, which is absurd.

Some of America's most well-known pastors have been caught up in the internet celebrity spotlight, and it's exactly what we don't need.

Not only does it make them look ridiculous, but it also hurts the gospel as they look like hypocrites wearing such expensive clothing while some of their church members do not make in a month what they spend on a jacket.

America is in desperate need for moral leadership. We need pastors standing in front of a pulpit proclaiming the gospel and not in front of selfie stick trying to become an Instagram influencer.

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