Allowing Congress to Vote Online Is a No Brainer

Pierre Delecto would agree with me on this.

It’s unbelievable that in 2020 with digital video conferencing available that members of Congress cannot vote remotely. As coronavirus spreads even among members of the Senate, the option of voting via video streaming is something that should’ve passed years ago.

Currently, at the time of writing, five Republican Senators, including Rand Paul, are quarantined and cannot show up to vote on important legislation, including a $1.6 trillion rescue package. With these five Senators out, the bill did not move forward.

According to Business Insider, with five Republicans quarantined, the GOP has a slight Senate majority of 48-47. The Republicans hold 53 total Senate seats.

This should be an easy rule to pass because it is an issue that is nonpartisan as members of the House and Senate Democrats could be in the same situation as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Of course, nothing is simple in Congress, and I’m sure that if and when there is a vote to allow online video voting, there will be some that will reject to this no brainer of an idea.

Allowing remote voting is something that would be beneficial not just in the current crisis but in future national emergencies as well.

Other aspects of American society have shifted to an online format, including college classes, church services, and meetings. If classes and even church can meet online, there is no reason why Congress can’t either, especially right now, as America tries to stop the spread of the virus.

It’s time that Congress join the 21st century as well during this difficult time and allow online voting. It’s the only way to help keep America moving forward. Important legislation to help Americans that are suffering is being delayed simply because Mitt Romney came in contact with Rand Paul and isn’t allowed to vote online.

Pierre Delecto would agree with me on this. Let Congress vote online.

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